16-06-2017   Lanzarote Sehenswürdigkeiten Entdecken Sie Lanzarote

A truly spectacular work of art created by Nature from the molten lava which once flowed down these same slopes of the ancient volcano above LagOmar.

In the early 1970s actor Omar Sharif came to Lanzarote to film “The Mysterious Island”, he visited LagOmar, fell in love with it and bought it. Once you visit this house, you will understand why he fell in love. This is like going on a journey back to the past and feeling like being in the fairy-tale of “Arabian Nights”.

Sam Benady knowing Sharif’s reputation as a card player challenged him to a game of Bridge. Sharif accepted the challenge, not realizing that Benady was also a champion Bridge player, and allegedly lost the house.

In 1989 architects Dominik von Boettinger from Germany and Beatriz van Hoff from Uruguay bought the house and initiated the last phase of development. They sought the advice of local artists and created a vernacular architecture inspired by the elements and the island’s capricious topography. The existing caves were refurbished using wood and artefacts from local shipwrecks, for the beams and lights. Local flora was incorporated in the design: cactus, palm, aloes and bougainvillea, to form an oasis within the rock. They used glass, washed concrete and pebbles to generate circular patios, the lake, cascades and a series of curvaceous spaces avoiding all forms of square tiling whatsoever.

An original place, with a very special charm that does not leave you indifferent !!!

The visit to LagOmar is a dazzling contemplative experience. This is an architectural intervention in the volcano of Nazareth, located in the geographical center of Lanzarote in the town of Nazareth. The rocky space, open in a duct, lodges exotic gardens and some impossible ways transformed into viewpoints. Then the cave was excavated and created 2 beautiful caves, in one of them emerges the bar called "LA CUEVA" you can enjoy exquisite cocktails while listening to a quiet and pleasant music.

Going downstairs and concentrating all the attention of the visitor you find, integrated in the landscape, the majestic lake. All roads lead to the lake : a suggestive swimming pool surrounded by oriental vegetation. When you walk through the small passages that this place has, you will feel a sea of ​​emotions that if possible intensify in the time of sunset.


The binomial art-nature permeates the domains of LagOmar. In space there are tunnels and nooks where the ocher aridity of the risk of capricious shapes and the unbroken white of the passages converge. During the tour, multitudes of viewpoints embedded in the contours of the volcano and perfectly oriented to observe their sinuous forms of orographic accident, in conjunction with the Atlantic Ocean that appears on the horizon. It is striking the integration of the buildings (main house, apartments and restaurant) in the volcanic mass. The florida vegetation and the cheerful trill of a large population of birds, which transport the visitor to a pleasant state of relaxation.

LagOmar, besides a pleasure for the view offers a unique gastronomy basing its restaurant on Mediterranean and international cuisine. The culinary corner takes advantage of its magnificent location in the bowels of the volcano. A place of tourist interest and gastronomy, LagOmar, too, is nightlife. Bohemian airs breathe in the Cave LagOmar, where the games of colored lights promote a chill-out environment making the night even more suggestive and full of a thousand and one possibilities.

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